UK visit visa applications types & Difference between UK Business Visitor,Family Visitor and Tourist

UK visit visa applications types

Every month thousands of people around the world send their visa application for UK visit visa . Lots of people choose a wrong category for UK visa application. It is very important to understand the difference between Tourist visa UK ,UK Business visit visa and UK Family visitor Visa.

UK Family visitor Visa

To come to the UK on UK Family visa, you must be able to show that you will be visiting the following family members in the UK including blood  relationship spouse, civil partner, father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister.
For UK Family visa grandfather, grandmother, grandson or granddaughter can also be sponsored
Uk family visitor visa also allows to invite son or daughter’s spouse or civil partner; spouse or civil partner’s father, mother, brother or sister.
UK family visa also also  allows stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother or stepsister to visit UK.
A person in UK can sponsor a person abroad to whom you have been living with in a genuine relationship, like marriage or civil partnership, for at least 2 years before the day you apply under UK family visitor visa.

Tourist visa UK
The People seeking tourist visa in UK must meet almost same requirements like General Visitor visa.
There are some obligations for visa applicant for Tourist visa UK.The visa applications for UK tourist visa must demonstrate that during his visit the applicant will not live in the UK for extended periods through frequent or successive visits. For UK tourist visa the applicant must not do any paid or unpaid work and should not provide any kind of service. People seeking medical  treatment in the UK must also not apply on Tourist visa UK category The British tourist visa also not allows a person to do a course of study in the UK.A person visiting UK must not get married or register a civil partnership during his tourist visa UK. Tourist visa UK also not allows a applicant to do activities like other UK visa types including UK business visa, sports visitor and entertainer visitor.
The visa application for Tourist visa UK must also be able to show that the applicant’s age is 18 years or older than that.He must not Intends to visit  UK for no more than 6 months or 12 months if the applicant is accompanying an academic visitor. Another visa requirement for uk tourist visa requires applicants to  leave the UK at the end of visit. UK tourist visa application requires all the visa applicants to demonstrate financial stability including bank statements to proof that he has  enough money to support and accommodate himself in the UK,  without working or using public funds.

UK tourist visa application requires all the applicants to show supporting documents regarding their financial stability to proof that they are capable of meeting the travel and living expenses  without the help of relatives or friends in the UK.

UK Business visitor visa

There are many kinds of activities for people from different professions can perform on UK Business visa (Visit visa).

UK business visitor visa for Film crew .

Film crew members including  actor/actress, Film/Drama producer/director and technician  who are on payroll of a foreign company and who wish to visit UK to shoot on a specific location can apply under business visa UK category. Academic visitor and researcher can also apply for business visa UK.

UK business visitor visa for Medical Practitioner and Doctors

A senior doctor or dentist can take part in research or clinical practice or teaching at some medical institute in the UK may apply for UK visit visa under business visa category. The person must not seek funding for his work or he cannot do any paid work during his stay in the UK.

For uk visa Doctor taking the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test should have a  genuine medical school degree from a certified Institute and he must provide all the documents as evidence of the eligibility  to take PLAB test and also evidence of confirmed date for taking the test.

Doctor undertaking a clinical attachment and dentist undertaking a clinical observer post may also apply under UK business visa category.

There are some conditions which apply for all the applicants .To qualify for the visa the applicant should have a medical degree from a certified medical or dental institute and they must also provide the documents related to clinical attachment or dental observer post and it must clearly show that it will involve unpaid observation and will not involve the treatment of patients

UK business visitor visa for Teachers and Professors

Visiting professor or a professor accompanying students on study tour can apply under UK business visa category.There are some conditions apply on such applicants like the visiting person must be employed and on payroll of overseas academic institute and the person visiting UK on Business visa must not seek job in the UK.

UK business visitor visa for Religious Workers

All the visitors coming to UK to attend religious conference ,preaching or pastoral work may also apply under UK business visa category,however the Applicants must be based abroad they should not intend to take up an office or any post.

UK business visitor visa for Foreign Worker and consultants

The consultant, trainers and  trouble shooters who come to uk to provide services must apply under the UK business visa class but The person should be a employee of overseas company which is providing its services in the UK.

All other workers who wish to come to UK to learn techniques and work practices can also apply on UK business visa but the training must be sponsored by your employer in his UK branch. Another important condition is that the training must not a on job training.

UK business visa for other business activities

A person visiting UK on Uk business visa can attend meetings and conferences’ person can visit UK to negotiating and signing trade and business agreement and contracts. The person or delegation who visit UK on fact finding missions and visiting sites may also apply for Business visa UK. The employees of goods and passenger transportation companies like drivers with permission of working in international route may apply under business visa category.

Technician or service provider who are employees of foreign manufacturing company who are coming to UK to repair or install  a machine can also apply.

In case of Board of directors meetings in UK  a person can apply for UK business visa if he is not a employee of UK company.

Employee of overseas companies who are coming to UK to work or supervise for up to six months to  erect, dismantle, install, service, repair or advise on the development of foreign-made machinery must apply under Uk business Visa

An IT professional who is representing a IT company abroad and coming to UK to install, debug a software or hardware may also apply as business visitor.

Interpreter and translator for visiting business persons who are employees of foreign companies and they are coming as members of the international delegation may also apply as business visitors.