USA new Visa policy for Pakistan 2017

USA visa policy 2017

The new US President Donald Trump has announced major US visa changes for different countries. Some of the countries including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen were imposed a 90 days ban for visa issuance and travel to USA. Since Mr Trump has taken the office there are huge protests all over USA for his policies.

The executive order, signed by President Trump has also suspended Syrian refugees to enter USA for 120 days.

Recently US Court Ordered to  lift the ban but still No clear guidance had been sent to airports or airlines and the travellers from seven nations were detained and placed in handcuffs at airports and questioned for hours, and many of them sent back on a return flight.

Now there are some news that Pakistan will also get the ban and this news is floating on different News website and social media but no such news is form US department of State and US embassy Islamabad.

Pakistan is already doing enough for war on Terror . Pakistan and USA has good relationship .USA ban is implemented on those countries to whom USA has some security concerns.

USA has the largest embassy in the world in Pakistan and visa process is run Normally in Islamabad and Karachi so it is very clear that USA has not changed visa policy for any visa type for Pakistan but the change may come in Security clearance and verification Procedure which will result in delays in Visa process.

All the applicants wish to apply for US visa from Pakistan may apply for visa without any doubt.
Click the link to see US Visit visa process and Guidelines from Pakistan.

US visit visa Process from Pakistan.