US B2 visit visa application for Tourism, Medical Treatment and visiting friends & family types interview questions,fee, invitation and reasons of refusal


The b2 visa is a non immigrant visa application type to visit USA. The b2 visa category includes visa application of applicants for Tourism, medical treatment general visitor and people who are visiting a family or friend in USA.

US visit visa types in B  2 visa category

1-visit visa for tourism in B2 visa category

Every year thousands of visitors visit USA for tourism.US amusement parks,culture, historical Places, zoo and museums attract tourist form all around the world .Any one wishes to visit USA as tourist must apply on B2 visa.

2-US visit for Medical Treatment in B2 visa category

Us hospital are considered one of the best hospitals in the world. The professional way of diagnosis and treatment attracts patients from around the world.The medical treatment in USA is very expensive but visa process for the visa is very simple and any patient and his attendants may get visa for medical treatment in B2 visa category.

3-Visiting a family or friend in USA under B2 visa category

Visa application for visiting family and friends, participation in family event including marriage, birthday, family help due to health issue ,US Family visa fall in B2 visa category.parents visiting USA to attend university convocation must also apply for B2 visa.

For all such us visit visa applications under B2 visa category a invitation letter/sponsorship letter is required. A sponsorship letter may include full financial support from us relative for a b2 visa visitor and invitation letter may include only invitation for specific event.

4-General Visitor

Amateur Participants in events  like musical shows , sports and all other similar events may also apply for us b 2 visa but without any salary or reward..

All other visitors to USA including journalists,crew menbers students and temporary workers must not apply under B2 Category.  participation by amateurs

Embassy fee for USA visit visa in  b2 visa category

The us embassy for all kinds of us visa applications for   b1 visa category is US$160.The visa fee is nonrefundable and it is paid in the bank in local currency.

Positive points and visa winning factors in US visit visa application in b2 category.

The successful US b2 visa application depends on many important points and factors. The b2 visa can be attained very easily if we present the right documents and present in right way. There are many factors which have a very positive  effect a b2 visa application .These factors includes  Previous travel history, Immigration status, Strong family ties in Home land country , Financial stability ,Business, Employment history and work status, Travel plan and reservations, Visa forms accuracy, Language skills ,Family ties in USA and Bank statement.

You can follow the link to see detailed explanation on the topics .

Reasons of US b2 visit visa Refusal

Thousands of applications in B-2 visa category are refused because of many reasons.The reasons may include Weak Documentation, Visa interview problems,Lake of business and employment history of work status,Family ties, Financial Background  and Long Stay on visit visa.

Visa applicants can avoid the mistakes to get us visa in b2 visa category.

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USA b2 visa interview questions

There are many kinds of questions which are asked during the us visa interview for b2 visa category. The mostly asked b2 visa interview questions asked on the following topics .

Personal Information

Business information

Employment History

Business registration information

Duration of your stay in USA

How is paying for the trip

Invitation letter

Travel Plan

Air ticket reservation

Where will you be staying in USA Hotel Bookings

Job Description

Your previous US trips and other travel History.

Your Family ties in Pakistan.

Bank statement

For Medical Treatment including Patient Medical reports ,Hospital reference letters,US hospital treatment procedure and cost

US Business visa B2 category duration and validity.

The US visit visa category b2 is a nonimmigrant visa type .In routine a  5 years visa is granted under b1/b2 category. However it also depends on the nature of your us visit. In many cases the US visa applicants are granted a visa of one year and even less than one year. The visa officer at port of entry also has a authority to grant him stay for a month rather than   6 month. In many cases very frequent travellers us visa are canceled as they were unable to justify the reason of their frequent US visit and the visa officer assume that the person is doing some job in USA.

Invitation letter/sponsorship letters for USA b2 visa

B2 visa applications usually require  invitation  or sponsorship letter .Sponsorship letter usually includes full financial support for travel and stay in USA and Invitation letters usually do not offer  any financial support for inviting person but in general invitation letter and sponsorship letter are considered one thing.

Sponsorship letter with full financial support are sent to parents, siblings, children, spouse or any other close relative.

Invitation letters are sent for friend visiting USA. The hospitals also send invitation letter to patient for treatment. Events tickets, university convocation invitations and marriage invitation cards are also considered as invitation letters.

You can follow the link to find invitation letter /sponsorship letter samples and more details