UK visa application for visit visa from Pakistan complete process ,documents, UK visa fee, UK visa online application forms and visa processing time

Uk docs and process form pakistan

This article describes Procedure and process of UK visa application for visit visaUK from Pakistan. This article also describes the details of documents required to apply for UK tourist visa, family visitor visa  and UK business visitor visa  .The detailed information about   UK visa online application forms, visa fees for UK, interview scheduling ,passport and documents submission and passport return information is also included.

 Visa application for UK visa must submit visa applications at least 3 months before they intend to travel to the UK (United Kingdom).

Before sending a UK visa application all the applicants must determine the purpose of visit to UK and then they should prepare for documentation .

There are three basic types of UK visit visa .The applicants for UK visit visa may apply either as tourists/ general visitor, family visitor or business visitor.

There are three steps in UK visit visa .The first step is to determine the purpose of visit to Uk and prepare the documents. The step 2 involves filling visa forms and passport and visa application submission in UK embassy for visa issuance. The last step is the return of the passport and documents .

In case of some objection or visa rejection the applicants must also make appropriate action.

 Step 1

The Step 1 is to determine the purpose of visit and prepare the documents for UK visit visa application.

How to Determine purpose and visa eligibility

There are different visa types available for UK visit visa and each applicant needs to know about his eligibility.

Who can apply under UK Family Visa

To come to the UK on UK Family visa, you must be able to show that you will be visiting the following family members in the UK including spouse, civil partner, father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister,grandfather, grandmother, grandson or granddaughter ,daughter’s spouse or civil partner; spouse or civil partner’s father, mother, brother or sister,stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother or stepsister .
A person having genuine 2 year relationship, like marriage or civil partnership, masy apply in  UK family visitor visa.

Who can apply under Tourist visa UK Category
The people seeking tourism in the UK or they intend to visit friends friend in UK may apply in General visitor or Tourist visa category.

UK Business visa

People from different professions can do many kinds of activities on UK Business visa.The applicants may apply as film crew, actor/actress, Film/Drama producer/director and technician .The Medical Practitioner ,dentists, Doctors who are taking  part in research or clinical practice or teaching in UK and doctors taking PLAB test may apply as UK business visitor.Teachers and Professors accompanying students on study trip ,religious workers to attend preaching or pastoral work or attending religious conference may also apply under UK business visa. Professionals and technicians  who are providing services in UK but working for foreign companies may also apply.The business men attending business conference and tradeshows may also apply under this UK business visitor category.

To see detailed description of UK visa eligibility follow the following link

What is the difference between UK visa application for tourist visa UK, UK Business visa ,UK Family Visa

Now the applicants must determine the documents for each visa types.There are general requirements and some specific documentation requirements for all UK visit visa types.

General  Documentation Requirements

All the applicants for UK visit visa  must have original passport for minimum of 6 month validity with two spare pages for visa issuance.

Applicants for UK visa must also have CNIC .

Family Relationships in Pakistan For Married Applicants Nikkah Nama ( Marriage Certificate) and Original Family “B” form-NADRA-computerized .
For Unmarried Applicants A family registration form or B-forms required.

Financial Stability in Pakistan Documents

Applicants personal Bank statement of last 6 month including current and saving accounts.

Copies of ownership documents for any commercial, residential or agricultural properties owned by applicant.The applicant may also enclose documents of Properties from which he receives income..

Documents of  proof of investment in Stock exchange and Shares.
Any valuable vehicle or item  with ownership documents. Property Evaluation Reports and Proof of payment of Property Tax can also be enclosed.
Business Registration Documents (For Self-employed / Businessmen)

The Uk visa applicant may enclose GST or other Registrations, Import / Export license, Tax Returns Proofs, Business cards (Visiting Card),Company Letter Head with signed declaration business, NTN certificate, chamber or commerce and Industry certificate, professional business  membership certificates and ISO Certification (If any).

For salaried person applying for UK Visit Visa.
The salaried person or employee of any organization may enclose his Company Visiting Card
A  reference letter form  company that describes that the person is leaving for a certain  period of time on vacation to Visit UK.He may also enclose salary certificate and salary bank statement.For Government emplloyees a NOC (No objection certificate ) is required.


Specific Documentation Requirements

For Family visitors.

The family visitors must enclose invitation or sponsorship letters, accommodation details, hotel booking (if applicable) and air ticket reservation .The inviting person must also enclose his UK identities, passport copy, home documents and utility bills(If inviting person coming to stay in sponsor’s house),employment details and UK bank statement.

For General Visitors  and Tourists

The applicants must enclose travel plan, ticket reservation, hotel reservations and invitation letters

For UK Business Visitors

Applicants visiting UK on Business visa to attend a trade show  must have registration with trade show organizer and proposed plan .The applicants visiting UK for business conference or meeting must enclose business meeting plan and agenda, place, duration. Visa applications for attending a conference and Guest speaker for business, scientific or religious affair must enclose registration for conference or invitation from inviting organization. The technications ,professional or service provides who which to visit UK must also enclose recommendation letter from employer and also invitation letter form inviting UK company


Step 2

Once the visa category is determined and documents are available then the next step is to prepare the UK visa application.

Filling the forms.

The applicants for UK visa must first register with online visa portal and fill the forms with accurate information.The applicant can register and fill UK visa forms on the below mentioned website.

Applicants for UK visit  visa must have  answers  of the following questions with accurate information and proofs.

  • Details of previous passports ?(last 10 years) ?
    • Family History (Names ,Place of Birth and address of applicants parents)
    • Home Address with postal code.
    • How long have you lived at the currect residence address ?
    • Residence Tel No. / Cell No. & Email Address
    • Details of family in the U.K.
    • Total monthly income after deduction of tax.
    • How much income is given to your family members and other dependents.
    • How much do you spend each month on living costs.
    • If someone other than yourself is paying for all or any part of your visit, how much money will they give you ?
    • What is the cost to you personally of your stay in the U.K.
    • What does the business or Organization that invited you do in the U.K.
    • Do you have savings, property or other income, for e.g. from stocks and shares?


UK visit visa fee form Pakistan for 6 months ,2 years, 5 yaers and 10 Years.

The standard visitor fee for all visit visa applications are as follows.The visa fee can be paid by debit card or credit card in Pakistan.

Visa types Visa application fee (PKR) Mode Of Payment
Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry) 13050 Credit Card/ Debit Card
Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years) 49500 Credit Card/ Debit Card
Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years) 90000 Credit Card/ Debit Card
Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years) 112800 Credit Card/ Debit Card



UK visit Visa application Appointment

Once visa forms are completed  and fee is paid then applicants for visit visa to UK can download a appointment letter on which visa application appointment date is mentioned.

All the applicants for visit visa to UK from Pakistan must print the appointment letter and enclose it with application.

UK visit visa application completion and file submission in Gerry’s Visa Drop Box Offices

The online forms and appointment letter must be downloaded from the website and must be enclosed with the supporting documents .

The completed file, forms, appointment letter and passport  must be submitted in Gerry Fedex offices.

The staff in the Gerry’s Visa Drop Box Offices will review your application and Biometric verification of applicants will be conducted. Gerry’s   will issue documents receiving receipt to each applicant.

A detail of Gerry’s Visa Drop Box Offices is available on the link

Gerry’s Pakistan ( fedex Pakistan ) visa drop box offices in Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, ,Islamabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Queeta ,Peshwar, Karachi and Hyderabad address, phone numbers and email address.

Processing Time

After the UK visa application file is submitted in Gerry’s Visa Drop Box Office then the Gerry’s normally send visa applications in two to three days to UK Embassy.Normal processing  time for visit  visa to UK  as general visitor, Family visitor or business visitor is 15 working days however the visa application processing varies depending on different factors .The  visa application processing time may go up to 60 days but it happens with only 3 to 5 percent of applications and over 90% applications are processed with in 15 working days.



The last step in UK visa application process is the return of application and passport. if visa is granted then it will be pasted on the passport.

Some times UK embassy send a objection letter which is not a refusal letter and applicants have to send the required information to embassy to get the visa. Now a days applicants are usually contacted by embassy on cell phone.

In case of refusal of application the visa applicants are usually given a  appeal right. However applicants are strongly advised to send a new application with new information .