Turkey Visit visa from Pakistan documents details ,online application and turkey visa full process

Turkey visit visa from Pakistan

The documents required for tourism visa and general purpose visitor visa to Turkey all the applicants from Pakistan need the following documents.

There are two types of visit visa application process available for Pakistan.

  • Regular Turkish online visa
  • E-visa for Turkey is available for those applicants who have a valid USA, UK, Ireland and SCHENGEN visa .Applicants for Turkey visit visa may apply for  Turkish E-Visa from (https://www.evisa.gov.tr)

In this article we shall give you brief description of regular Turkish online visa application process form Pakistan, list of documents required for Pakistani Nationals  for visa for turkey, turkey visa application form and turkey visa application interview for Pakistani nationals. We shall also explain complete process of turkey visa application  from Pakistan.

Turkey visit /Tourism  / Family visit visa Full procedure

The Turkish Visit visa for tourism or family visit visa involves 3 steps. 

Step 1

Click here to Complete online forms at

https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/ and complete documents required for Visit visa application to Turkey

 Turkey Visa Application Form

All the applicants for regular Turkish online visa must apply online click here


Complete the forms with complete information and submit the online forms. After Completing the forms print them and it should be signed by the applicant. Every visa applicant must fill his CNIC number, parents information ,address and contact information correctly.

Passports Requirements for Turkey visa

The Passport submitted for turkey visa must have validity of 6 months .The applicants for turkey visa must also enclose all the copies of passports ,visas ,entry and exit stamps for current and old passports.

Any other country nationals residing in Pakistan must enclose valid visa or resident permit in Pakistan.


All the applicans for turkey visa from Pakistan must submit Two recent biometric photographs  with white background. With  5cm x 5cm size.

Employment History

All the applicants for turkey visa  must enclose a employment reference letter with turkey visa application. The reference letter must include  applicant’s  name, position, salary, duration of employment along with last three months’ salary slips on company letter head.

The Government employees visiting Turkey must  provide  NOC from relevant government departments. They must also enclose last three months salary slips with the application.

Valid Police Character Certificate

Turkey requires a valid police character certificate from all visa applicants from Pakistan. This requirement is In accordance with Foreigners and International Protection Act no. 6458, article 15/c which say that all foreigners who wish to apply for Turkish visa shall submit a Valid Police Character Certificate.

Travel Health Insurance Certificate

All the applicants for Turkey visa must enclose a Travel Health Insurance Certificate . The insurance must cover the full duration of your travel and stay. The  travel insurance must be properly stamped and verifiable through insurance company website.

Health Fitness Certificate

For visa to Turkey all the applicants require A health Fitness certificates from any Hospital or any MBBS Doctor .The certificate must describe the health of applicant and also  mention that the applicant is fit to travel .The letter or certificate must be  signed and stamped by the doctor .

Polio Vaccination Certificate

All the Turkish visa applicants form Pakistan must enclose a Polio vaccination certificate issued  from a Government Hospital in Pakistan.The polio vaccination certificate must be valid for one year.

Hotel Reservation

A Hotel Booking for the duration of the stay is required. Visa applications for tourist visa are encouraged to include paid hotel bookings.

10-Flight Reservation

A pre flight booking or air ticket is required and it should be included in visa application file.

Bank Statements

The original Bank statement for at least three months is required.The bank statement must be  signed and stamped by the bank officer

Verification Letter

For visa to Turkey all the applicants form Pakistan must enclose a Consent Letter for verification of documents

For Selfemployed and Business Men

The self-employed person from Pakistan must enclose a declaration on letterhead ,visiting card, chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate copy (If available), National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate copy, Proof of income tax payment with FBR .

E-Visa copy

If a turkey visa applicant is accompanied by any person who has a valid Turkish E-Visa then he must enclose a copy of E-visa copy..

Professional Skill Certificates

The applicants who are professional like doctor or engineer must enclose a certificate like Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) issue Certificate to Doctors, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Certificate Copy for Engineers. The owners of travel agency must enclose a Valid Tourism License.

Documents requirements for applicants under 18 Years.

The students visiting Turkey with school groups  or individuals must get and enclose a consent letter form both the parents with CNIC copy on a stamp paper. ies of their CNIC on a stamp paper.

 Student visiting with Parents

All the students form Pakistan who are visiting Turkey with their parents must enclose a a Bonafide Letter signed by the applicant’s college or school.

The applicants parents or sponsoe must also enclose affidavit Letters regarding their expenses along with their bank statement.

Documents required for family visiting Turkey.

Applicants must enclose a Family registration certicated  form NADRA.

Important Information

  • Note: “The Embassy reserves its right to request additional documents”
  • Turkey Visa fee is not refundable.
  • Submission of fake document is a crime and further legal actions may be taken by the embassy.
  • Turkey Visa Issuance does not provide an absolute right to enter to Turkey. However there are only few circumstances in which applicant are not granted to enter Turkey.
  • Transit Visa If a applicant main destination is fifferent from Turkey and he is staying for Less than 24 hours on airport then he does not need a transit visa.
  • Work Visa to Turkey applicants are required to apply directly to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate General to obtain work visa.

 Turkish visa application sequence

1 Visa Application Form.

2 Recent and old Passport Copies

3 Employment reference letter and supporting documents

4 Police Character Certificate

5 Travel Health Insurance Certificate

6 Health Fitness Certificates

7 Polio Vaccination Certificate

8 Ticket Reservation

9-Hotel Booking

9 Other supporting documents

10 Bank reference letter and Original Bank Statements

11 Disclaimer


Step 2:

Complete all the documents form the above mentioned list of documents .Bring print out of the Visa Application form, your passport , photographs (5cm x5cm).
Go to the Gerry Fed Ex office and get your token and submit your application on submission counter.

And keep your receipt as you will need this later to collect your documents.


Turkey visa Processing time

Once documents are submitted in the Gerry Fed Ed then the applications will be process for verification in 4 days and then the application is send to turkey embassy.The Turkey visa application process in Turkish embassy is about 2 weeks ,however the processing time depends on number and type of visa application.

Turkey visa  Refusal

If a visa application to Turkey is refused then no reason or explanation is given and applicant may reapply after six months


Single Entry 7,350

Multiple Entry 23,930

Single Transit 7,350.

Double Transit 14,700.

Work visa & residence permit fees for one year 35,894

·         Gerry’s Service Charges per Applicant: 2500/PKR


Step 3:

Collect your documents from the Gerry’s Visa Drop box office.

Gerry’s Visa Drop Box Offices

Islamabad 14-B Sadiq Plaza, G-9 Markaz
Peshawar Deans Trade Center, Saddar Cantt
Lahore 20 / 20A Opposite Ganga Ram Hospital, Queens Road
Gujranwala 384-A, Beneath Pizza Hutt, Latif Mall, Main Market Model Town
Faisalabad 679 Batala colony, Ghouri Arcade, Main Satiana Road
Multan Business City Plaza, Bosan Road
Sialkot Paris Road, Opposite Allied Bank Ltd
Hyderabad Shop #3 & 12, Indus Ranches Ground Floor Near R.T Restaurant Auto Bhan Road, Shah Latifabad
Quetta Shop S-9, Swiss Plaza, M. A. Jinnah Road
Karachi 43/1/E, Razi Road, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S
Karachi Bahria Complex 4, 4th Floor Chaudhry Khaliq-uz-Zaman Road, Gizri,Karachi.