Thailand work visa application (Thailand Business Visa) forms, process, fee and documents list

Thailand work visa

The Thailand Non-Immigrant Visa “B”  or Business visa is for those applicants who wish to visit Thailand for business or work in a company.

For Thailand business visa there are two types of Purpose of Travel including contacting  a private company for services and business and the second purpose of travel is for work for a private company.

In this article all the details are mentioned If the applicant is visiting Thailand to Work for a company and complete Thailand visa requirements.Details also include Thailand work Visa from Pakistan.

For Thailand work visa the following documents must be enclosed with Thailand visa application

1-All the applicants need to enclose a Personal covering letter including the information like compete applicant  name, recent passport number, reason of visit, travelling date tenure of stay and other related important information

2-Applicants also need a reference Letter from the company own by/employing the applicant. The invitation letter must include  the applicant’s relation to the company,  applicant’s travel approval and no objection , numbers of days of leave that the applicant took, designation and other related information.

3-All the applicants must enclose organization’s registration paper. The requirements does not apply for governmental and international organization

 4-Thai business visa applicants need a letter of Invitation  from Thai company. The invitation letter must include name of the Thai company, name and passport number of the applicant,  purpose of visit, business meeting dates and details.

5-Officially confirmed Form WP. 3

6-Applicants must enclose Thailand company’s registration confirmation paper, issued by Department of Business Development (DBD)The documents must not be older than one year.

7-Thailand company registration papers.

8-Document from the Department of Employment of Thailand which allow Thailand’s companies to hire foreign worker.

9-A photocopy of Thai company’s financial balance in recent year of invitation must also be enclosed.

10-Income Tax document of Thai company in the past year must be enclosed.

11-A complete list of foreign workers working in Thai company. The information list must include workers names ,nationalities  and designation

12-For Thailand work visa a work contract copy  between Thai company and the applicant is required.

Complete address and Map identifying the location of Thai company must be enclosed

13-Two copies  each for applicant’s  citizenship  card and passport must be enclosed .The passport copy must only include the information page of the applicant.

14-Applicants need to enclosed a Confirmed and non-refundable air ticket.

15-Details of accommodation in Thailand must be enclosed

The following documents may be required

Applicants for Thai Tourist visa need to Enclose  original bank statement of last once year before the date of application .Applicants must also enclose a bank reference letter.

Financial Stability Documents including property documents and other proofs of source of income may be required by thai Embassy and in some applications applicants are encouraged to enclose these documents.

Evey visa applicant for Thailand visa must provide the proof of financial means available for his travel and stay and  his ability to return to his home country.

Visa Application Submission

Complete all the required documents and fill the thai business visa forms

In Pakistan Thai business visa forms are available at

Every country have visa drop Boxes of Gerrys and other companies. The Visa drop box companies receive applications and fee .They process the thai visa applications and also provide passport return facilities.

In Pakistan Thailand Tourist visa can be applied through the following companies.

Gerry international

American Express

Thailand Business Visa fee In Pakistan

Thai Visa Category Validity of Thai visa Visa Fee (PKR)
Non Immigrant Visa-B, Single Entry



3 months 8,000
Non Immigrant Visa -B, Multiple Entry 1 year 20,000