Thailand Tourist visa application forms,process,fee and documents list

Thailand Tourist visa

The article includes the information about Documents required to Apply for Thailand Tourist visa,visa process and fee .It also includes Thailand tourist visa application full process from Pakistan.

The list of documents for Thai Tourist are .

Completed Visa form.The form can be downloaded from the link

Applicants for Thai Tourist Visa need a covering letter, mentioning: name, Applicant passport number, purpose of visit, date of travel, and numbers of days of stay and other thai application related  information.

A letter of reference is required for salaried applicant.The reference letter must include the information including stating name, designation, salary details, duration of employment, address and contact details of the employer, purpose and tenure of visit to the Thailand

The Government employee or international organizations workers may include their salary slips, other reference of their employment and organization registration papers.

Two Photocopies of  applicant’s Citizenship Card(In Pakistan Applicant must enclose NADRA Identity Card).

Applicants must include two Copies of passport with information Pages.There must be two valid and unused pages for visa in the passport.

A return Air Ticket with complete departure and arrival dates is required.

A Hotel Booking for the duration of the stay is required. Visa applications for tourist visa are encouraged to include paid hotel bookings.

Applicants for Thai Tourist visa need to Enclose  original bank statement of last once year before the date of application .Applicants must also enclose a bank reference letter.

For Pakistan applicants all Tourist Multiple Entry Visa applicants must show bank account having money exceeding 650,000 Pakistani Rupees for 6 consecutive months.

Financial Stability Documents including property documents and other proofs of source of income may be required by thai Embassy and in some applications applicants are encouraged to enclose these documents.

Evey visa applicant for Thailand visa must provide the proof of financial means available for his travel and stay and  his ability to return to his home country.

Visa Application Submission

Every country have visa drop Boxes of Gerrys and other companies. The Visa drop box companies receive applications and fee .They process the thai visa applications and also provide passport return facilities,

In Pakistan Thailand Tourist visa can be applied through the following companies.

Gerry international

American Express

Ayan Travel Time Tours

Thai Airways international public company limited Islamabd


 Fee Structures of the Royal Thai Embassy, Islamabad


Description Fees Charged (PRK)
Diplomatic visa No fee
Official visa No fee
Courtesy visa No fee
Non-B,ED,F,O single entry visa 8,000.-
Non-B multiple entry visa 20,000.-
Tourist single entry visa 4,000.-
Tourist multiple entry visa 20,000.-
Transit single entry visa 3,000.-
Transit double entry visa 6,000.-
Transit triple entry visa 9,000.-
E-passport 3,500.-
Endorsement 350.-
Legalization 1,500.-
Thai Document Attestation 250.-