Switzerland visa photo specification

Switerzerland photo specification

Swiss Embassy visa photo requirements for all visa types are mentioned in this post.

For swiss visit visa processing the embassy require only 2 photographs.

The photo size for visa to swiss visa must be minimum 35-40 mm and  must not be old than 6 month and must be taken from the front.

swiss visa pic specification

The photo for swiss visa must show the entire head and the top of the shoulders. The face must occupy 75-80 % of the photograph or 25 to 31 mm from Crown to chin in the photograph
The photographs must be taken against a light background either white or off-white without any patterns in background .

The photo must be of clear quality and with the face in focus.

The photo for Swiss visa must be Printed on normal photographic paper .

The photo must have Full face, non-smiling ,without sunglasses and without hat/  head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief .

The normal glasses are allowed but frame covering eyes, flash reflection on glasses or dark color glasses are not allowed.

Head covering is allowed but it should not cover the face or shadow across the face or large hat which has reflection on face is not allowed.

The photograph brightness must be neural. Too much bright and dull photograph will be rejected.

Eyes must be opened and Line of Eyesight must be straight .If a applicant is looking away such photographs will be rejected. The hair must also not cover the eye.

Applicants must stick the photographs on visa application form.

Note: Be advised that if applicant will not follow the instruction then application will be considered in complete.

Photo booth meeting these requirements is available at the visa application centers .
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