Switzerland tourist visa from Pakistan complete process,Swiss visa fee and documents

swiss tourist visa form Pakistan

Switzerland  Tourism

 Switzerland is one of the Schengen countries.Switzerland is famous tourist attraction in Europe.  Switzerland Alpine climate and landscapes attract thousands of tourists around the world.   skiing and mountaineering in  Switzerland is very famous and a great tourist attraction.Every year thousands of people from Pakistan visit Switzerland for tourism ,leisure, meeting friends and family.

 Switzerland Tourist/ leisure/family or friend visitor visa

Switzerland offers visit visa for tourism, leisure activities and meeting family or friends.All the applicants for Switzerland visa from Pakistan need a visa.


Documents required for Switzerland tourist visa from Pakistan

Switzerland Visa applicants from Pakistan must complete the documents from the below mention list

 Application form for Switzerland

For tourist visa to Switzerland fully completed with accurate information C visa application form  is required.

All the applicants must sign the visa forms on the last page.


Two recent colored Photographs are required for Switzerland visit visa. The photographs must not be older than 3 months and should be printed on good paper quality.

click to see Swiss visa photo requirement

Switzerland visa photo specification

Swiss Embassy Islamabad have different  photo requirements.

For visa processing the embassy require 2 photographs.

The photo size for visa to swiss visa must be minimum 35-40 mm and  must not be old than maximum 6 month and must be taken from the front.

The photo for swiss visa must show the entire head and the top of the shoulders. The face must occupy 75-80 % of the photograph or 25 to 31 mm from Crown to chin in the photograph
The photographs must be taken against a light background either white or off-white .

The photo must be of clear quality and with the face in focus.

The photo for Swiss visa must be Printed on normal photographic paper .

The photo must have Full face, non-smiling ,without sunglasses and without hat/  head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief .

Applicants must stick the photographs on via application form.

Note: Be advised that if applicant will not follow the instruction then application will be considered in complete.

Photo booth meeting these requirements is available at the visa application centers .


All the applicants for Switzerland visit visa must submit a valid passport  to embassy. The passport must be valid for at least three months form the date of departure and must have at least two blank pages for visa issuance.

The applicant for Schengen visa must include a full copy of used pages of passport with visa application.

The applicants must enclose photocopies of the photo and information page and all the pages including Schengen/US/UK visas with the stamps for entry and exit from the countries .

All previous passports  with all the used pages including visa ,entry exit stamps and other used pages must be photocopied and enclosed with the application.

If the applicant previous passport is stolen the he must send a a police report with English translation.

Identification Documents

Photo copy is Pakistani national Identity Card (CNIC)

A photocopy of computerized driving license ( if available)

Employment History for Employed person

All the applicants form Pakistan who work for some organization must present a  Original reference letter from their company/employer .The reference letter must have the applicant name, designation, wage, employment  tenure, office address and contact numbers of the employer.The  letter must clearly state the purpose and duration of visit to Switzerland.

For Self Employed

Business and Personal bank account Details from Bank (Bank Statement)

Bank reference letters

A copy of National Tax Number

A membership certificate form Chamber of commerce and industry

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Swiss Business Visitor Visa
Documents for Student

All the student applicants for tourist visa application for Switzerland must  provide a reference letter from their university that the applicant is applying for visit visa to Switzerland and he will return to join his educational institute at the end of his visit. If a Student is employed then he must show his bank statement and salary slips otherwise he can present a bank statement and financial stability documents of his sponsor.

Family tourist visa

For Switzerland family visa the applicants must present a NADRA FRC (Family Registration Certificate) . If the whole family is not travelling then applicants must still present the NADRA FRC form.

Financial situation

Original Bank statements for the last 3 months must be enclosed. The applicants may add documents related to fixed term deposit and investment in stock Exchange.Applicants for swiss visa  must include property documents including commercial, residential and agricultural properties.

Debit visa cards and credit cards details

If a applicant is sponsored by someone then  letter from the guarantor agreeing to bear the cost of all accommodation and expenses during your stay in Switzerland must be enclosed

Travel Insurance

The Schengen Travel insurance or schengen medical insurance  must cover the period of travel and stay .The travel insurance must cover 30000Euro amount.

Visa application history and Visa Refusals

All the applicant must include all details of visa refusals in last five years by any embassy and high commission. Applicants must also explain the reason of visa refusal in  written form.The applicants must also enclose refusal letters.

Travel Plan details

All the applicants for Switzerland tourist visa from Pakistan must enclose a Valid confirmed flight reservation and  confirmed hotel booking .

Friends and Family visitors in Switzerland

The friends and family visitors in Switzerland must enclose a invitation letter with application . The invitation letter for Switzerland  must be signed and stamped with the following information.

Full Name,Home address and  phone number  and email address of the inviting person.

complete Name  date of birth , passport number of the person being invited.

The Duration of stay and relationship of sponsor with invited person

A photocopy of  host’s  Swiss passport page with photo and signature(if sponsor is Swiss national) and or residence permit  with front and back side.

If your host is working for an International Organization /  Diplomatic mission in Geneva / Bern then  a copy of her/his Carte de Légitimation.

For close relatives applicants must enclose  proof of family relationship (for instance: copy of birth certificate, marriage certificate or Swiss family certificate).

Flight booking

IMPORTANT: All copies of documents must be in A4 format.

Switzerland Visa process from Pakistan

Once all the documents and  visa form are completed the next step is the submission of documents and payment of visa fee.

In Pakistan Gerry’s Pakistan ( Fedex Pakistan ) is providing the Swiss family visitor (Schengen Visa)  processing services through its visa drop box offices in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

All the Swiss visa applicants in Pakistan must submit their applications in Gerry’s drop boxes. Applicants can also pay the visa fee in the centers.

Applicants may also submit applications directly in swiss embassy Islamabad however they need to take appointment first.

Visit the link for details https://www.eda.admin.ch/countries/pakistan/en/home/visa/entry-residency/visa.html


Switzerland visa application submission centers in Pakistan

The Swiss visa application can be submitted in three locations in Pakistan.

Switzerland Visa Application Centre
14-B Sadiq Plaza,
G-9 Markaz, Islamabad

Switzerland Visa Application Centre
Bahria Complex IV, 4th Floor,
Main Chaudhary Khaliq UZ Zaman Road. Gizri, Clifton, Karachi

Switzerland Visa Application Centre
20 Ex American Centre Building,
Opposite Ganga Ram Hospital,
Queens Road, Lahore


Switzerland visa fee from Pakistan

The swiss visa fee for tourist visa is 60 Euro (7100 Pak Rupees) for children over 12 and adults.The fee for children between six to twelve is 35(4200) euros.There is no visa fee for Switzerland for children under six years of age.

  • The visa fee in Pak rupees are subject to change without prior notice as it depends on current exchange rate..
  • All fees should be paid in advance and are non-refundable.
  • All applicants must pay the visa fee at time of application. If an applicant qualifies for a fee exemption as an EU/EEA dependent family member, the fee will be refunded by the Embassy of Switzerland.


Gerry’s Charges for Swiss visa application processing form Pakistan.

Gerry’s  charges a separate fee for SMS charges and swiss visa application fee. The current fee for sms charges is 200 and visa application processing fee is 3653 Pak rupees.

Be advised that the Swiss embassy reserves the right to call the applicants for visa interview in Swiss embassy Islamabad.

Switzerland visa processing time

Swiss visa applicants must know that visa processing times varies for different visa applications .The processing time depends on application type, number of applications in embassy and documentation provided by applicant.

Applicants are advised that the visa processing time for swiss visit visa issuance can be 4 weeks maximum and in some cases it might go even longer.

 Switzerland tourist visa refusal

In case the swiss visa is refused then applicants may reapply with new valid information.