Schengen Visa Photo Requirements ,Specifications and Guidelines

schengen visa photo

For Schengen visa including A, B, C and D categories applicants need specific photo size with different other requirements.

Schengen visa photo background and visa photo specifications.

For Schengen visa including A, B, C and D categories applicants need specific photo size with white background .The background must be smooth without any other objects.

Paper Quality : The photo must be sharp, clear and must be printed on high quality paper with high resolution and it must not be old than 6 month.

Schengen visa photo size: The photo size for Schengen visa must be minimum 35-40 mm (approx. 1 1/2 inch) wide.Schengen visa photo must have a strong contrast between the background and applicant face.The photo must show the entire head and the top of the shoulders. The face must occupy 70-80 % of the photograph.

schengen visa photo specification

Schengen visa photo eyes position

Eyes must be open and there should be no hair covering the eyes . Applicant must be  looking straight into the camera. If a applicant is looking away such photographs will be rejected.

Schengen visa photo brightness

The photograph brightness must be neural. Too much bright and dull photograph will be rejected.

Schengen visa photo Head Position

Applicants head should not be turned or at an angle or his mouth must also not be opened. The only accepted pose is a neutral look in which the eyes are focused directly on camera.

Schengen visa photo (lenses and glasses)

For Schengen visa photo the applicant can wear lenses and glasses but the glasses must not be colored and eyes must be visible through the glasses, Secondly lenses must not be tinted and there must be no reflection in the eyes.

Schengen visa photo Head Covering

All the applicants must avoid posing with a hat or any head wear that covers your face and which make your face shadowed by head wear, as none of them are allowable. There is only one religious reason that if applicant is wearing such headwear or Hijab even then, the face must be clearly visible from the forehead to chin..

Norway Visa and Passport photo Guidelines ,rule  and requirements for babies , infants, and newborns .

A visa photo is required for a baby or newborn. Make sure when the photo is taken then the eyes must be opened.  You can lay the baby straight on a floor and take the photograph.You can use a white bed sheet for background color.You can even take the picture in the car seat.

Important Information

All the applicants for Schengen visa must provide original photos with any editing.There must be no border shown the photograph.In any case there is a chance of delay in visa process and  Visa drop box rejects the photographs.

Visa drop box centers usually have facility for taking applicants photograph