USA visit visa b2 category Positive points and visa winning factors

USA B2 positive points

USA is one of the most visited place in the world. People of most of the country need a visit visa to visit USA.USA visa is based on interview but there are many factors which the visa officer considers before awarding a USA visit visa in B2 visa this article USA visit visa b2 category Positive points and visa winning factors are mentioned in very detail.

Previous travel history

Strong Travel history is an important factor for getting us visa. Previous Travel history of USA, Canada, UK ,Europe and Australia has a very positive impact on visa application for B2 visa. Previous Travel history to other countries is also considered for US visa.

Immigration status

Applicants with permanent residence status of other countries also have a very positive impact on us visa application. People who have Canadian or Australian  Immigration can get the US visit visa very easily. People working on working visa in Middle east or other countries with good salary package can also get US b2 visa.

Strong family ties in Home land country

People who have strong family ties is a good factor for getting  us visa. If parents are visiting usa and one or all their children are staying in homeland country is a strong point. siblings in home land country is also a good factor.if children are visiting USA and their parents are staying then its is also a important facor.

Financial stability

Financial stability in home land country is very crucial and important in getting us visa. Applicants for us b2 visa with Property and bank balance will likely to get visa easily. Applicants must include property documents, property evaluation reports and bank statements to increase their chances of getting visa.

Business Experience

Strong business ties in homeland country makes a b2 visa application very strong.Business registration documents, chambers of commerce membership, tax papers are important documents and can be included in visa application.

Employment history and work status

Government Employees and employees working in private companies at good positions are likely to get b2 visa easily.US embassy give preference to those who have stable careers in their homeland countries.

Travel plan and reservations

A good travel plan and details of  hotel booking is a great proof for genuine US visitor.Travel plan may include air ticket reservations, train and bus bookings. Different tickets of events, matches and parks are another great proof to show that the applicant is serious visitor.

Visa forms accuracy

The online visa form ds-160 or any other online form required must be filled with complete and accurate information .The name, passport numbers, address, host details, hotel address ,education details and employment history must be  filled in the forms very accurately .Any conflict of dates or details against the evidences provided may result in refusal of your US visa application.

Visa interview

There are many factors which are considered during the visa interview including body language of visa applicant, right dressing, good attitude, right answers to questions, understanding to questions asked by visa officer for us visa interview.

Language skills

Usually interview is conducted in language in which the visa applicant is fluent. For example in Pakistan b2 visa applicants have many options including urdu, Punjabi, Pushto etc but it is more important in tourist visa application that the applicant is proficient in English language. In medical treatment application there are usually one or two applicants besides the patient so one of the applicants must have good language skills in English so once they go to USA he can interpret the language.

Family ties in USA

For getting a us visa ,family visitors must have a close relative in USA. The us visa application may be refused if applicant has no close relation with inviting person in USA. In some cases a person sponsor a relative and intends to pay his travel and living expenses in USA but his visa is refused because he fails to demonstrate the reason for which the person is paying for his expenses.

If a person in USA is sponsoring his mother or father then the visa officer can easily understand a reason and visa issuance will not be a problem

Bank statement

The bank statement is the most important factor in b visa in b1 b2 visa categories.The bank statement amounts varies for each application . A business man who is applying for b2 tourist visa have a different bank statement and of a salaried person apply for b2 tourist visa

Then his bank statement will be different. Actually applicant have to justify each and every transaction in their bank statement and if they cant then the visa close application may be refused.

We have seen a person with 10 million bank statement is refused and a person with half million bank statement gets the visa so this happens because the person with 10 million bank statement fails to demonstrate the source of income and the other person show the proofs of source of income.