Portugal Visa for Tourism forms,documents requirements ,visa process and guidelines

Portugal Visa for Tourism

Portugal Visa

Portugal is a southern European country, bordering Spain.Portugal is one of the schangen states.There are beaches and old architecture in Portugal. Lisbon is the capital city and Portuguese is the official language.Portugal offers All kinds of Schengen visas types  including tourist visa, Business visa , settlement visa and student visa.

For Portugal visa there is world wide Portal which has Portugal embassy information about each country of the word and it also has some other information about Portugal visa.


Portugal Tourist visa

Portugal  is one of the Schengen countries. To visit Portugal  as Tourist; visitors need a Schengen Visa. Schengen visa requirements for every Schengen country is different for each country in Schengen zone. Portugal offers Schengen visa on documentation based assessment. This article includes all the information ,Portugal tourist visa requirements, application and guidelines. portugal visa requirements for Pakistani citizens  complete information and  guidelines are also mentioned.

Portugal tourist Visa Documents requirements

Portugal visa application form 

Short-stay visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant. In case of minor(s), form should be signed by both parents.

The Portugal visit visa form for tourism can be downloaded from the following link.This is a standard form and it can be used by any country.


Portugal visa Documents requirements 

Two (2) recent photographs of the applicant.

For Portugal tourist visa an ordinary passport or other recognized travel document is required .The Passport or travel document must be valid for at least three months from the expiry date of the visa applied for. The document must have at least two empty pages.

Applicants for Portugal tourist visa are required to copy all previous passports( if available) and passport copies of used pages  on A4 size paper.

Photocopy of applicant’s citizenship card.In Pakistan CNIC (National Identity Card) copy is required.

Third country nationals residing in Other country of citizenship must provide supporting documents related to their legal stay in That country.In Pakistan Third country national residing in Pakistan must provide documents related to legal visa and stay in Pakistan.

Proof of family ties in country of residence and citizenship.In Pakistan applicants for visa to Portugal must enclose photocopy of Family Registration Certificate issued by NADRA

For Portugal visa is a underage children (under 18) is travelling with a single parent, a written consent of the other parent is required with photocopy of his citizenship card.

Portugal visa Documents requirement For Salaried Person

Salaried individuals may include last 6 month salary bank statement, salary slips and reference from employer. The reference letter must include the information including stating name, designation, salary details, duration of employment, address and contact details of the employer, purpose and tenure of visit to the Schengen state(s).

Portugal visa Documents requirement for Student

If the applicant for Italian visa is a “student” then he must enclose original signed letter from the applicant’s school/college or University.The student may also include his previous education degrees and certificates

Portugal visa Documents requirement  Business Man

The business individuals can include their business bank statement for last six months, business card, Tax registration certificate and income tax proofs. For Portugal visa all the business men must also enclose the proofs of business registration .

Portugal visa Other compulsory Documents

A return Air Ticket with complete departure and arrival dates is required.

A Hotel Booking for the duration of the stay is required. Visa applications for Portugal tourist visa are encouraged to include paid hotel bookings.

A valid schengen visa travel insurance of minimum 30000 Euros is required from designated Schengen Insurance company .The insurance must cover the full duration of your travel and stay in Schengen states. The  schengen visa travel insurance must be properly stamped and verifiable through insurance company website.

Every visa applicant for Schengen visa must provide the proof of financial means available for his travel and stay in Schengen countries. The financial means may include his visa debit card , credit cards , personal bank statement and  hotel membership cards.

The Embassy reserves its right to request additional documents.

Original documents not needed will be returned with passport but only if copies are provided by applicant as requested.

 Portugal visa photo requirement

Portugal visit visa for tourism photos must have white background

The photo must be sharp, clear and must be printed on high quality paper with high resolution.

  • The photo size for visa to Portugal must be minimum 35-40 mm (approx. 1 1/2 inch) wide.
  • The photo for Portugal visa application must not be old than 6 month and must be taken from the front.
  • The photo for visa to Portugal must show the entire head and the top of the shoulders. The face must occupy 70-80 % of the photograph.

 Portugal visa fee

For Schengen visa Portugal  the embassy fee is the same amount which is charged for Schengen visa.

The visa fee chart is as Under:

Applicants for Portugal visa Amount in EUR
Portugal visa / Schengen Short stay Schengen visa C, less than 90 days 60.00 EUR
Children between the age of 6 and below 12 years old. 35.00 EUR
Children between below 6 00.00 EUR


In Pakistan Gerry Fed Ex (visa drop box ) is responsible for Portugal visa fee

Portugal visa process

There are different companies which are providing Portugal Tourist visa (Schengen visa) services including  Information distribution, Scrutiny and Acceptance of Documents, running Telephone and email help Lines, Collection and Remittance of Fees, Biometrics Enrolment, Documents and passport Submission to the embassies, Appointment Scheduling and Return Delivery of Passports.

VFS Global is providing different service and solution to its clients for Portugal Tourist visa . VFS Global is providing visa processing services for Portugal Tourist visa (Schengen Visa ) in India, Srilanka , Thailand ,Turkey, Indonesia, Russia ,UK ,Oman and different African countries.

In Pakistan Gerry’s Pakistan ( fedex Pakistan ) is providing the Portugal Tourist visa (Schengen Visa)  processing services through its visa drop box offices.All the applicants in Pakistan may submit their Portugal visa applications ,forms and supporting documents to Portugal embassy through Gerry’s Pakistan ( fedex Pakistan ).

Portugal  visa Refusal

In case the Portugal visa is refused then applicants must read the refusal letter and submit a new Portugal visa application with new and accurate information.