USA Business visa ( B1 visa) Non Immigrant visa application documents requirements, application,fee,photo,US visa interview, B1 visa application process & Guidelines.

USA Business visa

This article contains information about USA Business visa ( B1 visa Category) Non Immigrant visa application documents requirements, US visa interview,US business visa fee, US photo requirements, US business visa types,eligible and ineligible activities for US b1 visa holders ,B1 visa application process & Guidelines.

Basic documents required for USA Non Immigrant visa application for US business visa (  B1 visa category ) interview and us visa submission  

1-The one-page confirmation form (with legible bar code) from the DS-160 of visa application online USA

2-For visa application online USA and for visa purpose recent photograph with the following specification is required.

  • The photograph must have been taken within the last 6 months measuring 2″ x 2″ with white background.
  • The photo must not be retouched or altered in any Case and the skin complexion must be natural.
  • The photograph must resemble the applicant.
  1. A photocopy of the passport valid for at least six months after the planned date of travel into the United States;
  2. Photocopies of the bio-pages of all previous passports for the last 15 years.
  3. A complete travel history for the last 10 years.

6- Appointment confirmation letter from American express

7-.Any specific  supporting documents required for the applicant’s specific visa category


Important Information for USA Non Immigrant visa application for US visa for Business (  B1 visa )

There are different companies responsible for American visa process.In Pakistan American Express is responsible for  visa process.

American Express will schedule an interview date and time for all applicants. All applicants are required to appear in person for the interview without any exceptions.

Applicants are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled interview to the US Embassy.
Please be advised that all the applicants who are successful in their interviews for us visit visa will receive their passport and visa from the American Express branches  where they applied for visa.

All the unsuccessful applicants for US visit visa will have their passports returned at the conclusion of the interview in US Embassy .

Documentation to support Non Immigrant visa application for USA ( B1 ) for filling  visa application online USA and also for visa submission must be taken to US embassy.

Applications  for  Non Immigrant visa application business visa USA( B1) is filed for any business purpose in USA.

US business visa General Requirements

Family Ties

Original CNIC(National Identity card)

Original Passport and all passports and travel history for the last 15 years.
Marriage Certificate
Original Family “B” form-NADRA-computerized (in case of accompanying children) in Pakistan
List of all the siblings and children of each applicant for us visa.

FRC(Family Registration form) in Pakistan
Driving License (Local / International)

Any identities for other countries residence or nationality.

Financial Stability Documents for USA Non Immigrant visa application for business visa (  B1 visa )

Bank statement of last 6 month including current and saving accounts.

Copies of Property Documents(including commercial, residential or agricultural property)
Any rental Properties ( If any)

Stocks and Shares
Any valuable vehicle or item (With Documentary Proof only)
o Other Nationalities or residence of other countries.
o Business in other countries

Documents requirements for Non Immigrant visa application under business visa USA ( B1 visa)  category  For Business Men  

GST or other Registrations.
Import / Export license.
Tax Returns Proofs
Property Evaluation Reports
Proof of payment of Property Tax
Business cards (Visiting Card)
Company Letter Head
ISO Certification (If any)

Documents requirements for Non Immigrant visa application under business visa USA ( B1  visa)  category  For salaried person 
Company Visiting Card
A  reference letter form  company that describes that the person is leaving for a certain  period of time on vacation to Visit USA.
NOC for Government Employees.
Reference letter from Employer
Salary Certificate
Salary account Details from Bank (Bank Statement)

Purpose of US business visit ,Details of applicants stay ,financial support from company for the visit,Letter of reference for visa and invitation letter from USA.

US Business visa specific documents

The us business visa B1 category applicants must  include some additional  documents including business meeting plan and agenda, place, duration, travel plan and air ticket reservation. In US visa application They must also include detailed documentation about their business in their homeland country including business registration , business transactions, business ties in USA, tax papers, trade licenses, chamber of commerce certificates, ISO certifications, GST registrations and   business plan.

For any applicant visiting a trade show must show his registration with trade show organizer and proposed plan of his business visit to USA.

Visa applications for attending a conference and Guest speaker for business or scientific affair are also a part of Business visa B1 Category. These types of applications also need documentation related to registration for conference or invitation from  organization in USA.

US Non immigrant Business visa b1 category visa application Fee

The fee for US Non immigrant Business visa b1 category visa application Fee is US $ 160.

Us Business visa ( B1  visa Category) types and invitation cost & fee

Visa applications for US business visa B1 category is associated with travelers who intend to visit USA to attend business, scientific, professional  educational  conference or conventions. The business men who are visiting USA for negotiating contracts also apply under B1 visa category.

For every Business visa application to USA applicants must need a invitation letter or a reference letter from USA to proof that the purpose of visit is business. There are many types of invitations from USA. The fee and cost varies from each application type.

We must know that the business visa application cost and US b1 visa invitation cost are totally different things. Some of the nationals only need a invitation letter from USA and they need no visa to enter USA .How ever at the port of entry the visa office may ask for their purpose of visit to grant him entry in USA. In any case the applicant  have to pay for the invitation letter cost (if any).

Types of application for US Business Visa (non immigrant b1 visa category)

To get US visa there are many situations.This section explains the types and situation in which the US visa application b1 category can be filed.

USA Trade shows

The applicant may apply for US visit visa to visit a Trade show to see new technologies ,machines and collecting samples. Applicants for US visit visa may also book a stall in that tradeshow to promote his own  products or services in USA. He may also get some international business in this way. The cost for attending a trade show starts from few dollars to few hundred dollars, however for booking a stall in trade show is a expensive affair and it will cost from thousand dollar to 5 thousand dollar or even higher than that. Usually these cost include airport pick and drop and hotel booking.

USA Business Conference/ conventions

The business Conferences and conventions are attended by business men, Bankers, Engineers, It Professionals, Accountants ,Doctors etc.The business conferences and conventions cost varies from  few dollars to thousands of dollars .They might include a hotel booking. Guest Speaker in conferences or conventions may also require to pay a specific fee.

International Members of professional organizations in USA also apply for US business visa to attend yearly programs and conferences. There may be a cost for the conference which international members have to pay to attend but usually it is free or very cheap. Some organizations have a yearly fee and international members have to pay for the fee.

Business in USA

Business men Who visit USA companies for business is another example of us business visa.They usually have a business plan and they are invited by US based companies to discuss international business.

Some US companies have offices in other countries where they get cheap operating cost. The best example is  call centers .Sometimes US companies require to train their employees abroad and they may also send invitation to their employees to visit USA  on b1 visa category.

Us Business visa  ( B1 visa Category) Requirements

All the types of visa applications for us visa must have a specific qualification and skill to qualify for us business visa. The us B1 visa category eligibility revolves around different points including the following  factors.

Educational requirements for US Business Visa

The visa officer will consider the educational background of  applicant for US b1 visa in case the applicant is going to attend a conference / seminar for professionals . If a applicant has a invitation letter from a management organization from USA then visa officer shall seek a strong educational background for applicant in field of management .In fewer cases the visa officer might grant a us b1 visa with low educational background but the visa officer will consider several other factors.

Business knowledge requirement for US Business Visa

To get us visa  in  b1 visa category all the applicant must have some business knowledge  . Applicants for us visa to visit a trade show may need less business knowledge but as a guest speaker or participating in a business conference or convention may require good business knowledge or business qualification. The event organizers usually require business qualification  in order to register a applicant for an event.For international business and trade this is a compulsory requirement for a invitation letter.

Technical knowledge for Business visa USA

Companies official or owners visiting USA for a trade show to purchase machinery or equipment must have technical knowledge and education. The event organizers shall consider the visiting person or delegation technical knowledge to qualify for the event invitation. The us embassy visa officer will also consider the applicant technical knowledge to grant his US visa.

Language skills for US visa

Language skills especially proficiency in English language is very important to get an invitation letter and qualify for b1 visa. Sometimes event organizers or trading organization in USA talk to the applicant to discuss event details or meeting agenda so the applicant for US Business visa must be proficient in English language.

International Experience for USA visa

The international experience for qualifying a b1 visa is another important factor .If an applicant for us visit visa have previous history of participating in trade shows, events, conference and conventions internationally then these factors are very useful and important to get invited from USA and also to get us visa.

Invitation Letter requirements and US embassy assessments

To get US visa applicants must have skills ,knowledge ,formal and technical education to qualify for the invitation letter for B1 visa.To get us visa the applicant must consider that if he get a invitation letter  without qualification or knowledge by presenting false documentations or information to event organizer then the US embassy will still consider and verify your qualification against the event requirements and reject your visa.

USA Business visa  embassy fee

The embassy for all kinds of us visa applications for business b1 category is US$160.The visa fee is nonrefundable and it is paid in the bank in local currency.

USA b1 business visa interview questions

The USA b1 visa interview questions is a very important topic. There are many kinds of questions which are asked during the us visa interview. The mostly asked b1 visa interview questions asked on the following topics .

Personal Information

Business information products and services information

Business registration information

Business ties in USA

How event in USA will affect your business

How to come to know about the event in USA

Duration of your stay in USA

Business plan

Organizational hierarchy

How is paying for the trip

Meeting Place  and time

Meeting Agenda

Invitation letter

Travel Plan

Air ticket reservation

Proposed business plan in USA.

Where will you be staying in USA Hotel Bookings

Why have you been chosen for the assignment.

Job Description

Your previous US trips and other travel History.

Your Family ties

Follow the link to find  detailed questions and answers on b1 visa interview .


US Business visa B1 category duration and validity.

The US business visa  B1 category is a non-immigrant visa type .In routine a  5 years visa is granted under b1/b2 category. However it also depends on the nature of your us visit. In many cases the US visa applicants are granted a visa of one year and even less than one year. The visa officer at port of entry also has a authority to ask a applicant and grant him stay for a month rather than   6 month. In many cases very frequent travellers us visa are canceled as they were unable to justify the reason of their frequent US visit.

Eligible and ineligible activities as visitor in USA

Eligible activities

While in the US as a business visitor, an individual may make investment and purchase products. He can attend meetings, interview and hire staff. He can also conduct research. He can make negotiations.

Ineligible  activities

A Person visiting USA on B1 visa can’t do and he needs a work visa to perform the activities like, Running a business or work to get payment by an organization within the USA. The Person also can’t  participate in entertainment or sporting events.