List of Colleges in Cyprus

List of Colleges in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the tourist destination and its educational institutes are famous for international students. Cyprus colleges provide quality education and Universities in Cyprus offers any different courses from undergraduate to Phd programs in different languages including English language.

The list of colleges in Cyprus .

  • A.C. American College
  • Aigaia School of Art and Design
  • Alexander College (Larnaka)
  • Arte Music Academy
  • Atlantis College (Ammochostos)
  • Casa College
  • C.D.A. College (Lefkosia, Lemesos, Larnaka, Pafos)
  • Church of Cyprus – School of Theology
  • City Unity College Nicosia
  • College of Tourism & Hotel Management
  • Cyprus College (Lefkosia)
  • Cyprus College (Lemesos)
  • Cyprus International Institute of Management (Lefkosia, Lemesos)
  • The Cyprus Institute of Marketing
  • Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine
  • Frederick Institute of Technology (Lefkosia, Lemesos)
  • Global College
  • Institute of Professional Studies (IPS), UCLan Cyprus
  • Intercollege (Lefkosia)
  • Intercollege (Lemesos)
  • Intercollege (Larnaka)
  • InterNapa College (Ammochostos)
  • KES College
  • Larnaca College (Larnaka)
  • Ledra College
  • Mesoyios College (Lemesos)
  • M.K.C. City College Larnaca (Larnaka)
  • P.A. College (Larnaka)
  • Susini College (Lefkosia)
  • Susini College (Lemesos)
  • The CTL EuroCollege (Lemesos)
  • The Cyprus Institute
  • The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (Lefkosia)
  • The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (Lemesos)
  • The Limassol College – T.L.C. (Lemesos)
  • The Philips College
  • Vladimiros Kafkaridis School of Drama


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