USA visa (US Business Visitor visa B1 category ) process, documents requirement , fee payment & interview questions process and Guidelines from Pakistan

USA b2 process from Pakistan

This article describes Procedure and process of business visa application for US visa b1 category from Pakistan. This article also describes the details of documents required to apply for us business visit visa  .The detailed information about  b1 visa interview questions, us visa ds 160 online forms, fee payment, interview scheduling ,passport and documents submission and passport return information is also included.

 Visa application for us visa B1  category must submit visa applications to US embassy Islamabad  at least 3 months before they intend to travel to the USA (United States of America).

There are three steps for visa application for US visit visa in b1 category

Before sending a us visa applications all the applicants must determine the purpose of visit to USA and then they should prepare for documentation and interview accordingly..

The US B category has Business visa USA category( B1 ) and US tourist visa category ( B2). The us family visitors, us medical treatment also apply under B2 category. In this article we have detailed process and procedure for b1 visa category.


The step 1 involves to determine the purpose of visit to USA and collect the documents for us b1 visa category application.

Us business visa B1 category description and List of documents required to apply for US visit visa under B1 category form Pakistan.

The us b1 category is  Business visitor visa USA category. It has some general requirements and some B1 visa specific Requirements and General Requirements

B1 us Business visa specific requirements

1-For an applicant who is visiting a trade show must have his registration with trade show organizer and proposed plan of his business visit to USA.

2-Person visiting USA to attend a business meeting must enclose documentation regarding business meeting plan and agenda, place, duration.

3- Visa applications for attending a conference and Guest speaker for business, scientific or religious affair are also a part of Business visa B1 Category. These types of applications also need documentation related to registration for conference or invitation from inviting organization.

The us b1 visa applicants from Pakistan must also include detailed documentation about their business in their homeland country including business registration , business transactions, business ties in USA, tax papers, trade licenses, chamber of commerce certificates, ISO certifications and GST registrations  .

General Requirements

Identity documents and Passports

The b1 visa applicants must have Original CNIC, Original Passport and all passports and travel history for the last 15 years

Driving License (Local / International)

Any identities for other countries residence or nationality.

Family Ties in Pakistan

For Married Applicants Nikkah Nama ( Marriage Certificate) and Original Family “B” form-NADRA-computerized (in case of accompanying children)
A family registration form and list of all the siblings and children of each applicant for us visa.

Financial Stability Documents

Bank statement of last 6 month including current and saving accounts.

Copies of Property Documents(including commercial, residential or agricultural property)
Any rental Properties ( If any)

Stocks and Shares
Any valuable vehicle or item (With Documentary Proof only)
For Business Men applying for  Non Immigrant visa application under tourist visa USA ( B1  visa)  category

GST or other Registrations.
Import / Export license.
Tax Returns Proofs
Property Evaluation Reports
Proof of payment of Property Tax
Business cards (Visiting Card)
Company Letter Head with signed declaration
ISO Certification (If any)

For salaried person applying Non Immigrant visa application under tourist visa USA ( B1  visa )  category
Company Visiting Card
A  reference letter form  company that describes that the person is leaving for a certain  period of time on vacation to Visit usa.
Recommendation letter from employer for US business visa.

NOC for Government Employees.
Reference letter from Employer
Salary Certificate
Salary account Details from Bank (Bank Statement)

US Visa application Procedure in B1 visa category

  1. Once the visa category is decided and documentation is completed then the step 2 for us business visa application procedure is to fill online application form DS-160 nonimmigrant visa for US visit visa.


  1. The second step in visa application to USA is to register with American Express Pakistan and  get visa application fee voucher and deposit the visa application fee in designated bank in Pakistan .

  1. Now once fee is paid the bank will update American Express that the payment is made for visa application and the applicant for us visa will get fee payment confirmation on American Express website.
  2. The next procedure of us visa is is to select the date on which you wish to appear for visa interview in US Embassy. This step can be done by visiting the American Express website and select interview date in next three months.Now the applicant for b1 visa application can download his visa interview appointment letter for Karachi or Islamabad.
  3. In next step for b1 visa application process is to collect documents mentioned in step 1  and  take the interview.


Important documents required for US Visa application interview and us visa submission  

1-The one-page confirmation form (with legible barcode) from the DS-160 of visa application online usa

2-For visa application online usa and for visa purpose recent photograph with the following specification is required.

  • The photograph must have benn taken within the last 6 months measuring 2″ x 2″ with white background.
  • The photo must not be retouched or altered in any Case and the skin complexion must be natural.
  • The photograph must resemble the applicant.
  1. A photocopy of the passport valid for at least six months after the planned date of travel into the United States;
  2. Photocopies of the bio-pages of all previous passports for the last 15 years.
  3. A complete travel history for the last 10 years.

6- Appointment confirmation letter from American express

7-.Any specific  supporting documents required for the applicant’s specific visa category

 Step 3

The step three involves us visa interview and decision.

The US visa interview Questions for US visa B1

The USA b1 visa interview questions is a very important topic. There are many kinds of questions which are asked during the us visa interview. The mostly asked b1 visa interview questions asked on the following topics .

Personal Information

Business information products and services information

Business registration information

Business ties in USA

How event in USA will affect your business

How to come to know about the event in USA

Duration of your stay in USA

Business plan

Organizational hierarchy

How is paying for the trip

Meeting Place  and time

Meeting Agenda

Invitation letter

Travel Plan

Air ticket reservation

Proposed business plan in USA.

Where will you be staying in USA Hotel Bookings

Why have you been chosen for the assignment.

Job Description

Your previous US trips and other travel History.

Your Family ties

Follow the link to find  detailed questions and answers on b1 visa interview .

Important Information for US b1 visa interview

American Express will schedule an interview date and time for all applicants. All applicants are required to appear in person for the interview without any exceptions.

Applicants are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment at the Diplomatic Shuttle Service ( situated at  3rd Avenue, near Quaid-e-Azam University Road, Sector G-5, Islamabad ) to board the shuttle to the US Embassy.

US Visa interview decision  

Please be advised that all the applicants who are successful in their interviews for us visit visa will receive their passport and visa from the American Express branches  where they applied for visa.

Once interview is conducted in US embassy all the successful applicants for us visa are returned passports within 5 working days.

All the unsuccessful applicants for US visit visa will have their passports returned at the conclusion of the interview in US Embassy .