Germany Student visa from Pakistan Documents requirements, Process and Guidelines

Germany Student visa from Pakistan

This article describes Germany Student visa from Pakistan Documents requirements, student visa fee, Photographs, Language test, Germany visa interview scheduling, interview questions Process and Guidelines

Germany is one of the favorite destinations for students around the world. Germany offers student visa for many different courses including diplomas, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees in science, Arts, Engineering and  Information Technology. There are many stages in getting student visa Germany. These stages include finding an institute in Germany and fulfilling the documents requirements for admission, Preparing a visa application, paying visa fee and sending German student visa application to Embassy.

Documents & Forms are required to Process German Student visa application

1-German Student visa Form

Click here to Download Germany visa form


2- Germany visa photo size: The photo size for German student Schengen visa must be minimum 35-40 mm (approx. 1 1/2 inch) wide. Germany visa photo must have a strong contrast between the background and applicant face. The photo must show the entire head and the top of the shoulders. The face must occupy 70-80 % of the photograph. For German Student visa photograph, The normal glasses are allowed but a reflection on glasses or dark color glasses are not allowed.

Eyes must be opened and Line of Eyesight must be straight.If an applicant is looking away such photographs will be rejected. The hair must also not cover the eye.

For More details click to see Photo specification

3-Original Valid Passport

All the applicants for Germany visa must submit a valid passport to embassy. Passport needs to be valid for three months after the expiry of the applied visa and there must be at least two pages for visa stamp.

The applicant for Schengen visa must include a full copy of used pages of passport with the visa application.

4- List of your children

The German embassy has developed a form for this.

List of your children Form


5- Germany student visa Security questionnaire Forms

Security questionnaire Forms

6- German Student visa from Pakistan applicant’s declaration

Applicant’s Declaration Form


7-Admission letter

There are different types of visas for Study visa to Germany.

a-For admission in German University letter of admission/acceptance issued by a university in Germany and proof of entitlement to get admission (Submit the original and two copies of the Letter)

b-For admission in Language course a registration for an intensive language course is required

7- Curriculum vitae

Submit one original and two copies of your CV.

8- Formal Educational Documents

All the educational documents  (only originals are accepted). For study visa to Germany applicants from Pakistan must  submit the original and two copies of the academic degree and transcript, all the documents must be attested by HEC (Higher Education Commission) if done in Pakistan

9- Professional training certificates and other technical diplomas.

Original and two Copies of certificates are accepted.

10-Work Experience

Applicants must enclose their current and previous references of work experience. Applicants must enclose original and two copies of the reference letters.

11- Financial stability

Proofs of Financial stability documents including bank statement and bank reference letter. The students are encouraged to enclose a 6-month-old bank statement from the date of their visa application.
The student must also present the details of Block account.

12- Health insurance for Germany Student visa.

All the students from Pakistan must provide six-month valid Health Insurance from the date of intended travel to Germany.The Health insurance must be stamped and verifiable.

The applicants are required to submit an Original German Health Insurance with two copies.

Click here to find Schengen Visa Insurance companies in Pakistan.

13-Proof of Language Skills

If the Medium of Instruction in German University is English then students need to provide  TOEFL (minimum score of 550 points for the paper-based test or 213 points for the computer-based test) and If they are taking IELTS then  6.0 Band is required.

According to the standards of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE):

If the medium of instruction is in German, tests such as “Zertifikat Deutsch” at least A1 level certificate or better [by Goethe-Institut (GI) or NUML] is required.

However, such test proofs are not required if The University in Germany confirms acceptance letter that language skill has been proved sufficient or

If the applicant is has confirmed his enrolment at an intensive (at least 20 hours a week) German language course in Germany

Note: Please provide a proof (original and two copies) of your language

14-Previous visa refusal Information

If your visa is refused from any previous visa applications at any embassy or High commission then applicants are required to provide details of the reason for refusal and visa refusal letters.


15-Visa interview confirmation

Applicants are required to enclose a copy of appointment confirmation e-mail with their application.


German Visa Fees

Schengen visa / Short-term visa (cat. “C”) 60€ (in Rupees)
Airport transit (cat. “A”) 60€ (in Rupees)
National German visa (e.g. study family reunion, etc. – Long-term visa)
(cat. “D”)
75€ (in Rupees)
Children aged 0-17 for family reunion 37,50€ (in Rupees)
Spouses/children of citizens of the EU exempted from visa fees


Other Fees

Courier Charges for the return of passports is Pak Rs 500.


Bank Charges

While submitting the German Student visa application, applicants will be given a pay slip. All the applicants are required to submit payment to Standard Chartered Bank, Diplomatic Enclave Branch only.The bank will charge a fee of Pak Rs 700 as service charges and the bank will report your payment to the Embassy.

 German Consulate General Karachi only receives Cash Payments.


German Student visa Process from Pakistan.

All the applicants for Germany visa application must arrange all the required documents required for German student visa the second step is to take the appointment for visa interview and documents submission.

German Visa interview online registration.

All the applicants for visa need to apply through an online portal for registration for an interview.


Book a Student visa appointment in German Embassy Islamabad , Pakistan.


Book a Student visa appointment in German Consulate Karachi , Pakistan.


German Visa Interview

The German visa interview consists of these areas.

  • Questions about Germany
  • Questions about applicants intention as a student
  • Questions that test German student visa applicants intentions
  • Questions that asses your financial situation
  • Questions about Formal and Technical Education you have.


German Visa Issuance

Once you have the interview in German Embassy you will be awarded a visa which will be sent by courier service.


German Visa Refusal

In case of refusal in German student visa, applicants will be sent a letter of refusal along with documents.



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