Canada Student visa documents requirements, forms, admission & visa process and guidelines.

Canada Student visa documents requirements, forms, admission & visa process and guidelines.

Canada Student visa

Canada is one of the favorite destination for students around the world. Canada offers student visa for many different courses including diplomas, undergraduate ,graduate and post graduate degrees in science, Arts, Engineering and  Information Technology. There are many stages in getting student visa to Canada. These stages includes finding a institute in Canada and fulfilling the documents requirements for admission , Preparing a visa application, paying visa fee and sending Canada student visa application to Embassy.

Canada Colleges and Universities admission

Canada is a large country with small population. To study in Canada there are two types of post secondary Institutes including colleges and Universities. Universities in Canada offers bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral Degrees; and colleges offers diplomas.

Canadian Universities offers many different courses to international students .The universities in Canada are either public universities or private Universities. International Students may apply Canadian immigration after the completion of their degree.

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Canada Educational Institutes Admission Criteria and Admission process

Once the Canada Student visa applicant finds a institute then he must review the admission criteria policy for the college and university in Canada. The admission criteria for taking a diploma in Canada  is easy but getting a admission in Canadian University is tough. Canadian University usually give admission to students with 2.7 GPA but in Some universities ; the policy is much relaxed.

The next stage is to fill the admission forms ,paying the Canadian Institute admission fee and send the application to college / University admission office. In many countries there are student consular and consultants who send the admission on Students behalf. Many Canadian Institutes has overseas admission offices / Country Offices in different Countries . These overseas offices evaluate the students documents against the admission criteria and forward the student admission application to respective College or university in Canada.

College and University in Canada admission Fee

Every college and university in Canada has a admission fee ; starting  from CAD$ 50 dollars to hundreds of dollars. Some educational Institutes In Canada offers admission after the admission fee payment but some institutes require the students to pay a part of their tuition fee which is from CAD$ 1000 to CAD$ 7000 and in some cases more than that. The institute refund the tuition fee in case of refusal of Canada student visa. Student consultants, lawyers, university admission offices and country office usually charge the amount from student and pay directly to University in Canada.

Canada Student Visa Forms

Once the admission is received from Canadian Educational Institute  and documents required for Canada Student visa are completed then the next stage is to apply for Visa in Canadian Embassy.

The Visa forms in all the countries consists of almost the same.

These forms Includes

  • Documents Checklists
  • Visa office Instructions
  • Family Information Forms
  • Statutory Declaration of common law union
  • Custodian Declaration
  • Visa application photograph specification.
  • Use of representative

Visas offices around the world have their specific forms and they keep on changing these foms. These updated form are available on Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Canada Student visa fee

Canadian Student visa fee is CAD$150 for all types of Canada student visa application including diploma,under graduate ,graduate and postgraduate. The Bio Metric fee is CAD$85 for single applicant .

Canada Study permit documents requirements

Once Admission from University or college in Canada is received the next stage is to submit the Admission letter and supporting documents to the Embassy for Canada student visa issuance.

The Canada study visa applicant must submit the following documents to the embassy.

  • Completed Visa forms(All the applicable forms)
  • University or college Admission letter/ Letter of acceptance
  • Proof of Embassy fee Payment
  • Police clearance certificate from each country where the applicant has lived for six consecutive months or longer since reaching the age of 18.
  • Proofs of Employment / Previous work experience letter for Applicant for Canada student visa.
  • Proofs of employment/ self-employment for applicant Parent.
  • All the educational documents ,training certificates, technical diplomas (only originals are accepted).
  • If applicant is attending an educational institute in the Quebec, Canada, he must provide a CAQ (certificate d’acceptation du Quebec) from the Government of Quebec
  • Original valid passport which is preferably valid for the whole length of intended studies in Canada.
  • Proofs of Financial stability documents including bank statement and bank reference letter. The students are encouraged to enclose a 3 month old bank statement from the date of their visa application. Other proofs like student loan letter or similar documents may be not accepted by Canadian Embassy.
  • Proof of income sources of parents or applicant must be enclosed .These proofs includes bank statements, salary slips, business registration, tax documents, documents of rental properties including agricultural ,commercial and residential properties.
  • Documents of ownership of agricultural ,commercial and residential properties .
  • Fixed term asserts like saving certificates, stock exchange investments proofs can also be enclosed in the Canada study visa application to make the visa application strong.

Canada Student’s Dependents

Canada offers dependents visa for Canada student visa applicant’s family including spouse and children. The applicants children can also go to school in Canada .The dependents visa application can be filed at the same time once the student visa application is filed.

Canada Student Visa process

There are different visa drop box companies working to process Canada Study permit. In Pakistan Gerry’s Fedex (Visa drop box) is responsible for the Canada student visa process. The applicant must complete all the forms and submit them with original passport and supporting documents. The embassy fee and biometric fee is also charged by the visa drop box companies.

Canada student visa

The Canada student application takes more time than the visit visa application. The visa is receive at the visa drop box company where the visa application is submitted