Belgium Business visa types, documents requirements, fee ,process and Guidelines

Belgium business Visa

There are two type of Belgium Schengen Business visas.The type c visa allows Belgium business visitor to visit belgium for short period of time and the other visa type D allows visitor to do business and other business activities for longer period of time. The Schengen D business visa holder must have a registered company in Belgium or he is a share holder of the company.

In his article the details of Belgium visitor visa C category is mentioned.The Schengen C category business visitor visa is another type of Belgium short term visa. Schengen Business visitor visa holder may visit business conference and conventions. The Schengen Business visit visa holder may attend trade shows .Attending business meetings to finalize deal is another example of Belgium Business Visa.

To apply for Schengen Business visa the applicants must enclose the below mentioned documents with their visa applications.

Documents required for Belgium Schengen Business Visit visa (C visa category).

1-Original  international passport with valid  and unused pages for visa issuance. The Passport must be valid during proposed travel dates. The  Schengen Business visa applicant  need to enclose a full copy of used pages of passport with Schengen visa application.

2-A copy of valid National Identity card or citizenship card  with at one photocopy of document.

3-A completely filled schengen visa form with valid signature of the applicant

4-2 recent Photographs (Light colored Back ground 35*45 mm) according to Belgium Photo specification

5- A valid schengen visa travel insurance of minimum 30000 Euros is required from designated Schengen Insurance company . The schengen visa insurance requirements is that the  insurance must cover the full duration of your travel and stay in Schengen states. The  schengen visa travel insurance must be properly stamped and verifiable through insurance company website.

6-In case the Schengen business applicant is visiting a company for business deal then he must include a original invitation letter from Belgium company with details of meeting agenda and details. The Schengen business visa applicant must also include a detail of previous business deals and trade transactions. The applicant for Schengen business visa to attend a trade show, conference or business convention must include a formal letter of invitation and event registration as proof of invitation.

7-If a company is sending its employee to attend business meeting then the Schengen visa applicant must provide reference from employer, job description, qualification and details of objectives to visit Belgium on business visa.

8-Two way ticket Air Ticket with complete departure and arrival dates is required.

9-Hotel reservation for the duration of applicants stay in Belgium  is required. Schengen Visa applications for business visa are encouraged to include paid hotel bookings. In some cases a inviting company reserve a hotel or property for the coming business individual or delegation so the applicant must include the information regarding his stay in his application.

8-All Schengen business visa applicants must have a valid schengen visa travel insurance of minimum 30000 Euros from designated Schengen Insurance company .The travel insurance must cover the full duration of your travel and stay in Belgium. The  schengen visa travel insurance must be stamped and verifiable.

9- Schengen business visa applicants must provide the proof of financial means available for  travel and stay in Schengen states.The financial means includes visa debit card , credit cards , Business statement and investment details.

10-Every business visa applicant must also enclose proofs of family ties in country of residence /citizenship.

11-Proofs of financial stability including bank statement ,stock exchange investments and property documents including commercial and residential property documents can be included in visa application.

12-Proofs of income through job or Business.

Salaried individuals may include last 6 month salary bank statement, salary slips and reference from employer.

The business individuals can include their business bank statement for last six months, business card, business registration  and income tax proofs .

The Belgium embassy may require additional documents if required. All the Schengen visa applicants must know that complete file does not guarantee that the visa will be granted ,however a complete file makes the chances of success very high. All may, where appropriate, be required. Presentation of a complete file does not necessarily mean that a visa will be issued. All applications as tourist must be submitted  before 4 weeks of proposed travel date.


Belgium Business visa fee

The Belgium Business visa fee is 60 Euro. The Belgium Business application processing fee paid to VFS Global or Gerry’s is different fee and the fee will be paid in application center of the company.


Belgium Business Visa process and Procedure

There are different companies which are providing Belgium visa (Schengen visa) services including  Information distribution, Scrutiny and Acceptance of Documents, running Telephone and email help Lines, Collection and Remittance of Fees, Biometrics ,  Enrollment, Documents and passport Submission to the embassies, Appointment Scheduling and Return Delivery of Passports.

VFS Global is providing different service and solution to its clients for Belgium Business Visa . VFS Global is providing visa processing services for Belgium business visa (Schengen Visa ) in India, Srilanka , Thailand ,Turkey, Indonesia, Russia ,UK ,Oman and different African countries.

In Pakistan Gerry’s Pakistan ( fedex Pakistan ) is providing the Belgium Business visa (Schengen Visa)  processing services through its visa drop box offices.